Ayo Maff – Jama Jama

Ayo Maff - Jama Jama
Ayo Maff – Jama Jama

Renowned and talented Nigerian music artist and singer, Ayo Maff, has delighted fans with the release of his brand new song titled “Jama Jama.” Known for his captivating voice and unique musical style, Ayo Maff continues to make waves in the music industry with this latest offering.

“Jama Jama” showcases Ayo Maff’s ability to blend contemporary sounds with traditional Nigerian influences, creating a track that is both fresh and deeply rooted in his cultural heritage. The song features catchy rhythms, vibrant melodies, and heartfelt lyrics, all of which are signature elements of Ayo Maff’s music.

With “Jama Jama,” Ayo Maff invites listeners into his world, offering a musical experience that is both enjoyable and emotionally resonant. The song is poised to become a hit, further cementing Ayo Maff’s status as one of Nigeria’s most gifted and beloved music artists. Fans and new listeners alike will appreciate the creativity and passion that Ayo Maff has poured into this track, making “Jama Jama” a must-listen for anyone who appreciates quality music.

You can listen to “Jama Jama” by Ayo Maff here.

“Jama Jama” Lyrics by Ayo Maff

Ayo Maff

Ona lo Jin ona lo Jin eru ni baba
Omo oro mii
Omo oro mii
Client ma sanwo
Ngba taba le tera mo hustle yi
Say won ma sanwo
Omo oro mii
Omo oro mii
No give up my padi
Duro ti mi shade
Duro ti mi shade
Duro ti mi la le yii
Duro Timi shade o

Omije loju mii my padi
I go school mi o le pari
And no be say I no sabi
But owo lomi se ojoro
Mumsy mii ole soro mo
My popsy no fit para
Omo boy tin fa kpoli
Omo boy tin mu gbo o
Tori ko sowo ni ile
Eh ehhhhh eh eh eh eh
Kosi owo ni ile ahh ah

Jama jama Jama
‘Cause ole lo ba omo je
Gbowo ka fa Cana
Ase ole jo Micheal Jackson
Jama jama Jama
Omo oro ma kana finishing
Jama Jama Jama
Ole lo bo omo je eh

Ah igboro o rerin
Aye o feni foro
Kon sebi lama kusi
Kon sebi lama kusi
So I tie my worries for backwood
I smoke the pain away
Iyo iyo iyo iyo iyo
Tori ko sowo ni ile
Eh ehhhh eh eh eh eh
Kosi owo ni ile ahh ah

Mo wo yika kosi eyan kan
Bi mo subu mo ni igbagbo
Mi o ni fomo shey se ja
Once upon the story long
Omo olona sunta
Mio reni foro lo
Sugbon mo mo ibi mo nlo
Ani ki ori ko mi yo

Ara lo kan mi mo se sanle
Oju mi ole gba iwosi
Mo se jama jama lo
Ani ki ori komiyo
Oshi o yemi
Wa se wonder ti mi ri
Ma fi oun ti mio fe dan mi wo
Ona lo jin omo eru na ni baba
Iya oye mi, se wonder ti mi ri ri
Mafi oun ti mio fe dan mi wo

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