Tems – Ready

Tems - Born in the Wild Album
Tems – Born in the Wild Album

The extraordinarily gifted Nigerian musician and composer Tems has put out a masterwork soundtrack called “Ready”. This song is a must-listen for everyone and can be downloaded from TrendyBeatz as well as all music retailers.

“Ready” is the seventh song on Tems’ fantastic studio album “Born in the Wild,” which was made available to the general public in 2024. Tems’ amazing talent is once again on display in this record, which also cedes her status as a major player in the music business.

You can listen to “Ready” by Tems here.

“Ready” Lyrics by Tems

[Intro] (Oh-no-no)

[Verse 1] I’m ready for something different
Cleansing my system, tonight
Thought it was the final, but it’s the arrival
Coming out the gate
With the wave, It’s the tidal
Feel like a revival, coming from inside of me
I must be holding something strong
For me to know I can carry on, oh yeah yeah
Something strong
I’ll carry on something strong
I’m ready to go

[Chorus] With the light in my soul
I’m letting it show
Darling, I won’t hide anymore

[Verse 2] Yeah I’m ready for game and I’m bound to win
You know they wanting more when they speak on me
I focus on me, I got it in me
No fear in my mind, it’s a new story
And now I move differently, I’m moving quickly
I don’t care anymore, and I’m giving it my all
Do it like I never did before
Put it on a song like ready to go
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[Chorus] With the light in my soul
I’m letting it show
Darling, I won’t hide anymore

[Verse 3] All grass does is grow, don’t you think so?
Don’t you think so?
Don’t you think so?
So why would you stop?
Why would you stop?
Don’t you think so?
My mind was somewhere else
I was stuck between myself
I won’t waste my time again, yeah
I was somewhere else babe
I’m never going back
This is the gate?

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