Tems – T-Unit

Tems - Born in the Wild Album
Tems – Born in the Wild Album

The talented Nigerian musician, Tems, has put significant effort into releasing her new song, “T-Unit”. This track is sure to keep you captivated as Tems delivers an outstanding performance.

“T-Unit” is featured on her album “Born in the Wild,” where it holds the 16th spot. Every track on this album is truly worth a listen, promising to keep you entertained from beginning to end.

You can listen to “T-Unit” by Tems here.

“T-Unit” Lyrics by Tems

[Intro] T-Unit
Startin’ my own game

[Verse] Throw it up, got the money up
Got a new set, time to shut ’em up
Got my younger self ready for the war
Take her to the candy shop, she know she got it all
Oh, yeah, she runnin’, she know that she got it
She live the rough life, now she got her own field, ain’t nothin’ new
They fallin’ over tryna figure me out
It’s an energy, you not a better me
You can’t be serious, you is delirious
Is it my energy? Can’t find a better me
You not my enemy, so pick your energy
You are delirious, baby, seriously
And if you really that, why you comin’ at me? Ayy, uh
It’s like that, that’s where you at, that’s why you mad
You tryna hate me, but you love me inside
Loose screws, will always be lost in it
I’m gonna pray that you finally find it
But it is what it is
Steal my shit, you gon’ miss, huh
Don’t let me hate you, don’t let me hate you
(Don’t let, don’t let me hate you)
No, I don’t hate you ’cause I precede you
(You know that I don’t feed you)
Don’t let me stop you, just keep on laughin’, yeah
(I know you’ll keep on laughin’)
I know I already won, won (That’s right)
I never gave it for a thought
Livin’ beyond this world
Only comin’ down for my own
I see it for what it’s worth, uh
Never surrender, never afraid
‘Cause I know I was born this way
Throw your hands up, let me hear you say
“Victory until the death of me,” yeah

[Outro] Don’t go away, don’t go away
Don’t go away, don’t go away

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