Chelsea Club: You sound babyish – Liverpool’s ex-player slams Pulisic over Tuchel

Don Hutchison, the former Liverpool midfielder,  has blasted Chelsea winger Christian Pulisic over his criticism of former Blues manager Thomas Tuchel.

Pulisic had slammed Tuchel, who was replaced by Graham Potter, for the way he was treated by the German during the coach’s time at Stamford Bridge.

Writing in his new book ‘Pulisic: My Journey So Far’, the 24-year-old said that Tuchel had guaranteed him a place in the club’s starting XI in the second leg, adding that he was ‘dumbfounded’ when he was told Kai Havertz was starting over him.

Reacting, Hutchison has now slammed Pulisic for claiming Tuchel had misled him ahead of Chelsea’s Champions League semi-final clash with Real Madrid.

He dubbed the USA international as ‘ridiculously naive’ and labelled his actions’ babyish’.

Hutchison said on ESPN FC’s YouTube channel: “Oh, my days! I mean, it is ridiculously naive of Christian Pulisic. Alright, it is his book, so he feels as though he’s got his little say against Thomas Tuchel, but is he not naive enough to think that Thomas Tuchel won’t be happy and he’ll be having words with other managers?

“Managers change their minds. What happens to you? You are a little bit gutted, you are a little bit upset. But it all just sounds a little bit babyish to me. Christian Pulisic having a whinge. What is the point? What does he gain from it?”

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