Kagiso Modupe: ‘I Used My Private Parts To Become A Millionaire’

In an interview with King David, director and former Scandal! star Kagiso Modupe revealed how he became a millionaire. Kagiso Modupe, the film director and actor best known for his role as Mangi Nyathi in e.tv’s Scandal!, revealed how he used his private part to become a wealthy.

“It’s funny… I used my private parts to become a millionaire.”

When asked how he utilized his manhood to become a millionaire, the actor explains that he’d been married to his wife for 12 years at the time and was not circumcised.

He realized that because he had not been circumcised, he could teach and encourage other guys to get circumcised.

Modupe addressed Brothers For Life and Right to Care about starting a public circumcision campaign to urge males to be circumcised on the same day as him.

He produced a social media advertisement stating that he will receive R1 for every male circumcised.

The director was able to circumcise one million South African men in one day and earn his first million as a filmmaker as a result of this campaign.

Watch the full interview below

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