Latest: Young Stunna Reacts To Rumors That He Has Seven Gairlfriends

Since May of this year, the amapiano star has risen to the top of the trending list when a local Twitter user claimed he had numerous girlfriends because they were sharing photographs in the same spot as him.

In a recent interview with JazziQ, Young Stunna denied the charges, claiming that the rumors had strained his relationship and that he was now single.

“I’m single …  Twitter ruined it for me. They said I had 7 [girlfriends],” he said.

“When they shared the sixth girl, she told me she’s leaving me, that time I’m not dating them.”

Young Stunna stated that the incident reinforced his reasons for not opening a Twitter account because it caused him to lose someone close to him.

“I lost someone I didn’t think I’d ever lose. I was serious about it but someone got jealous of it and started doing their thing … it’s ruined now.  We still talk, she doesn’t want anything to do with me, it’s been months.”

Since rising to fame with his breakthrough song Adiwele, Young Stunna has gone a long way.

Reflecting on his first year in the music industry, the musician spoke of the various changes he’d witnessed.

“Two years ago I couldn’t imagine living in Papta’s house, I couldn’t imagine the whole country singing along to my lyrics every time they hear them on a song I’m featured on, or even releasing my own songs and finding out they big hits.

“Man I thought it was gonna take me some time & tears. It was hard after all these past years I swear. I’m here now, Adiwele hit maker? Every song I’m featured on goes platinum, I’m winning awards, I’m taking care of my family, sh*t this all me? Come on.”

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