Reactions as Major League DJs Describe The Kasi Lifestyle As “Toxic.”

Major League, a high-flying DJ duo, turned to Twitter to call out township life for what they believe it is: toxic.

They added that people don’t talk about how life is in the “kasi,” calling it “artificial” and full of jealously, peer pressure, and hostility, among other things.

They wrote in a recent tweet: “We don’t talk enough about how toxic staying ko kasi is!!… Fake life, Jealousy, Competition, Bolotjana, Peer Pressure, Negativity the list is endless…When you get means, move out ko kasi!!!”


Some fans agreed with the tweet, but other fans were furious, and some even laughed at the DJs and asked how they knew about the “kasi” when they had grown up in London.

@Boity_MM tweeted: “Nahhhhh we live ko kasi and we real. You guys come from wherever you come from get ko kasi and act like you from Kasi. Stop it.”


@tkmyende said: “When you have the means, try whatever is in your capability to uplift those around your area so that they too can have better chances of succeeding and having access to better opportunities.


And in turn, nabo they’ll also help the next person. That way you create a cycle of always helping the next person. If you just leave, eKasi will always stay toxic.“


@danny_dungi said: “Lena gala dula kasi, how do you know all those things? You grew up ko London mos.”


@Hlabalingene_ simply responded: “Focus on yourself bro.”


In the past few years, the DJ duo has had a lot of success with their music.

Recently, during a live Balcony Mix Xperience show at Joburg’s Katy’s Palace, they set a new world record for the longest DJ set by a duo.

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