Ghislaine Maxwell, a convicted sex trafficker, will scrub toilets and wash dishes in a Florida prison.

Convicted sex trafficker, Ghislaine Maxwell to clean toilets and wash dishes at Florida prison

Ghislaine Maxwell, a convicted sex trafficker, will work 20 years in a Florida prison washing toilets for as little as 15 cents an hour.


According to Mail Online, the former socialite will make the pitiful amount at FCI Tallahassee, where she recently relocated.

Prison consultants said that Maxwell will clean toilets, bathrooms or wash dishes before being assigned a long term job like managing payroll or reading water meters.

The consultants said that Maxwell could become a target for other inmates unless she acts humbly and stops complaining about her life.

They said that FCI Tallahassee was a ‘big step up’ from the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York, where Maxwell was held for two years.

The consultants said it would feel like ‘Disneyland’ compared to the MDC, where Maxwell claimed she was served food with maggots in it and woken every 15 minutes.


The judge in her trial had asked the Federal Bureau of Prisons to consider sending her to a prison in Danbury, Connecticut, but that idea was rejected.

Holli Coulman , co-founder of Pink Lady Prison Consultants, told that Maxwell went to Tallahassee rather than Danbury because there are more staff who are better trained to handle her.

Her movements will be controlled and the prison will open doors to allow her access to certain parts of the prison at certain times of the day.


According to Coulman, Maxwell’s day will begin at 5am when the lights come on. She will have breakfast at 6am and lunch at 10.30am – the early time is to enable to kitchen to feed the whole population.

Coulman said that the new prison will be a ‘step up from the MDC’ and Maxwell will be able to ‘breath a bit more.’

She said: ‘She certainly did not get one of the worst places. It’s probably the best she could have got under the circumstances.’

But Maxwell will still have a tough time adjusting and will be in with murderers and women who have committed serious assaults.

The facility is run down, humid and some women will ‘hate her’ because of her celebrity, Coulman said.

She said: ‘Others will gravitate towards her because they think she can pay for commissary items for them. It’s not going to be easy for her.

‘There will be women who have been abused themselves and will not like her at all because of her crimes.

‘The prison will assign their best staff to her and will put her with an older woman who is drama free.’

Maxwell will be given a job for her first 30 days for which she will earn 15 cents to 27 cents an hour, Coulman said.

After that Maxwell will be assigned a longer term job such as being a clerk and managing the payroll for a construction crew.

Maxwell, who used to manage Epstein’s properties and arranged massages with underage girls for him, could put to use her organizing skills by doing payroll for the whole complex, Coulman said.

Another likely option is for her to teach GED classes, English as a foreign language or work in the commissary.

Given weights are banned in the prison – they could be used as weapons – yoga is a popular choice for keeping fit and Maxwell could lead a class.

Coulman said: ‘One of the things the women do is put on a talent show, it’s like junior high school. It’s skits and things like that, just to keep themselves amused.’

According to Coulman, her top tip for Maxwell is that she needs to be ‘humble,’ something that might not come easy to a woman who grew up in a 65-room mansion in the Oxfordshire countryside in the UK.

Coulman said: ‘There are some people who won’t appreciate you or even like you. You need to know how to have those conversations, know when to shut up.

‘She must be humble. She’s stepping into a world where a lot of these women have been there for a long time. She needs to know that she will be getting out before a lot of them.

‘The key to surviving is minding your own business, keeping a low profile, but her personality is not that way.’

The Bureau of Prisons website indicates Maxwell will be eligible for release on July 17 2037.

Tallahassee and Danbury are both low-security prisons in the federal system. The Florida lockup holds around 500 women prisoners.

Her fellow inmates include Narcy Novack who was convicted of killing her millionaire ex-husband, Fontainebleau Hotel heir Ben Novack Jr. and his mother Bernice Novack in 2009.

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