Popular Singer, Wanda Baloyi Gets Attached For Tweet Concerning AKA

Popular Singer, Wanda Baloyi Gets Attached For Tweet Concerning AKA

A singer and reality TV star,Wanda Baloyi,  has come under fire for her support for the JusticeForAKA movement. Unknowingly, Baloyi has enraged a slew of Twitter users, who have since called her out for hypocrisy and phony outrage.

Wanda Baloyi is facing backlash from Twitter users after posting about the JusticeForAKA movement. In her tweet, Baloyi expresses her dismay that no arrests have been made in connection with the murder of Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes. The outraged Baloyi then admitted to being perplexed because AKA’s killers are still at large and justice has not been served.

“It really baffles me how there is no progress towards the findings of the killers. I mean they pretty much weren’t disguised. What exactly is the delay? I don’t understand. So killing is easy, you just kill and walk away?? Im not understanding #JusticeForAKA” wrote Wanda Baloyi


The situation has rather gone pear shape as more tweeps have turned on Wanda Baloyi and called her out on hypocrisy. This of course comes as Baloyi is or was friends with Kelly Khumalo. Khumalo was present the day soccer player Senzo Meyiwa was also murdered in her Vooslorus home back in 2014.

Tweeps are questioning Baloyi’s new character, virtue and energy towards the JusticeForAKA’s movement. Whereas she never shown any interests towards the JusticeForMeyiwa since Kelly Khumalo was her friend. Tweeps have since lambasted and called out the singer on hypocrisy and fake outrage.

A robust exchange between Baloyi and tweeps have sparked as Baloyi is defending her statement around her outrage whilst tweeps are certainly not buying what she is selling.

“Wait, is this Wanda Baloyi, Kelly Khumalos friend? Haybo, have you guys ever spoke truthfully about what happened to Senzo’ case?(never mind the murder) Then we move to AKA? How do u expect answers here when there were none on Senzo. That’s if u are that Wanda.” wrote Khanyisa Nondlwana


“I cannot question?” wrote Wanda Baloyi


“Rightfully so, just like the rest of us. Were you not baffled about Senzos case? It’s just the hypocrisy for me, did you ever put your friend accountable, even behind closed doors ke? Just for the Meyiwa family? They both deserve these questions. May their souls rest in peace.” wrote Khanyisa Nondlwana


Tweeps are convinced that Wanda Baloyi’s tweet was a sub and a set-up towards her friend or ex-friend, Kelly Khumalo.

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