How To Download Nigerian Mdundo DJ Mixes


In order to keep you up to date on new music, Mdundo DJ Mixes is a premium music service that gives you access to DJ Mixtapes that have been specially curated and are updated daily.

You can subscribe on a daily or weekly basis to music bundles provided by partner telecom providers.

Mdundo mixes are available in almost all genres of music in Africa. Genres we currently produce include Afrobeat, Bongo, Gospel, Amapiano, Afropop, Highlife, and Hiplife. We also produce DJ mixes in hyper-local genres like Hausa, Singeli, and many more.

What’s more fun about Mdundo? The access to lots and lots of music without the strain of account opening, bugging emails, and hundreds of loops before you could download music.

Mdundo gives you unlimited stress-free access to all your favourite music, what’s even better is that you can now download straight to your device.

You’re already excited and asking how to jump right in.

Here’s how:

1: Simply visit and voila! You’re right in.

2: Once on the site, you would be able to access any Dj Mixes of your choice, and you have the option to search for more.

3: On the left side is the download button shown like this. ⬇ One click and your favorite Dj Mixes are on your playlist.

4: Once you click on “download” you would be taken straight to where you subscribe weekly for as little as N50 weekly. Amazing right? Truly one of a kind!

5: Once your subscription is successful, you will be taken to a page as shown below. ⬇

6: With N50 subscription weekly, you have access to endless streaming and download of any DJ Mixes. Any!

7: On the right side are the share buttons which enable you to share Dj Mixes with your loved ones.


Easy right? We thought so too.

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