Man bemoans discovering his wife had sold his house for only N10 million and fled with the money after returning to Nigeria (video)

Man laments after returning to Nigeria to find that his wife has sold his house for just N10m and absconded with the money (video)

After his wife sold his home for 10 million Naira, the man sobbed.


The spouse claimed that after purchasing the land for 9.5 million Naira, he then spent further millions to construct the four-flat house.

He also spent a lot of money to pay the community for development fees as well as other fees.


When the house was completed, he said he traveled and, upon his return, he discovered his wife had sold the house for just NGN10 million and absconded with the money.


He also questioned why a buyer will purchase a house of such magnitude for just 10 million Naira without getting suspicious.


Watch the video below…


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